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There are several ways to tell a friend. Send them an email, tweet this site to them, buy them a book or share with them through facebook and other networking sites. We are sure there are lots more ways so you decide! See suggestions below..

Use the buttons provided on each page to send a particular page of interest to someone you may know. Button are also useful for those who do not have time to read our site or looking for something interesting/informative to tweet on twitter.

Our catalog page is great to send to someone who you may want to buy a gift for by letting them help you decide which gift..or the other way around. You can help someone decide what gift to buy for you!
Our affiliate page can be sent to someone who is interested in making extra money. Maybe they own a blog or website or has a large network of friends who they know they can get a few sales out of..

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Our sponsored sites page can be sent to someone who love to find unique gifts or bahai gifts. or maybe you just want to brag about you discovering this first..
Our readers comments page can be sent to help inform someone of how well our site is doing..Can be sent as an accompaniment to our catalog page or any other page.
Our about me page can be sent to inspire someone. Perhaps they are now starting their own business or it might be relevant to their studies or they are simply very fond of our site?
Our what's going page can be sent to let someone know of the latest happenings or our site and newest book releases or upcoming book releases. Great for twitter conversations.
Our faq page can help put someone's mind at ease. Perhaps they think you are an expert when it comes to answering questions but the truth is you really aren't and they'd rather ask you than come to us directly? You can send them the entire faq!
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