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Becoming an affiiate with us is quick and easy and free! If you are already familiar with the process of becoming an affiliate go right ahead and join now or read on to learn more..

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is someone who promotes another websites products or services through specially coded links or banners etc. These links and banner tracks visitors you send to our website through clicks and sales. You get a percentage of the profit.

With Our Affilate Program You Can:
  • build your own online mini book store promote just one product even without a website!
  • place as many of our books on your website

Why Join?
  • To make some extra money
  • For purely unselfish reasons like maybe making extra money for charity or fundraising.
  • To brighten up your website or blog with interesting banners. Makes your site look more interesting.
  • If you like the idea of selling products without the hassle of shipping or other headaches. You can virtually do next to nothing and make money!                          
  • Because it's free and easy!

How Does It Work?
  • As an affiliate, you get to decide how to make this program work for you and your site if you have one.
  • You use the logo, banners product links, articles, etc. You will be able to earn commisions on every product sold as a result of your link to
  • We courteously handle all the transaction, processing and customer service for you so you can relax and watch the dollars roll in!

How Do I Join?
  • First read our affiliate participation agreement here.
  • Secondly complete the online application here.

A Portion of the proceeds of the sale of every book on this site goes to
the NSA and LSA of our country and to the Bahai World Center.

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