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Baha'i Mini Books
is a small home based business that publishes miniature pocket books in two sizes 2x2.5 inches and 4x3 inches for those who prefer larger prints. Our books are published in quotes and stories from the central figures of the Baha'i faith, (The Bab, Bahaullah, and Abdul'Baha). But you can also find additional early members of the faith like Tahirih etc. To date several articles have been compiled into books that contain bahai quotes and writings,
and facts, games, and self enhancement quizzes have also been published as bahai mini books.

Baha'i mini books is a one woman business owned and operated by Nicole Honore who is a member of the bahai faith in Trinidad W.I. The idea for miniature bahai books was first established in 2007 but didn't start being seriously marketed until 2010. It is hoped that bahai mini books will become known as the smallest book publishers and the first amongst the baha'i world.

We do hope to accomplish one fundamental purpose with our books - to spread the word of baha'u'allah and educate others through his works and writing in the form of mini books. We also hope to acknowledge the other two central figures of the faith - The Bab and Abdul'Baha and any others who may have a part to play in bringing this new founded religion - The Baha'i Faith - to light.

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