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Gems of Comfort Cards

Comfort someone with these keepsake memorial cards full of inspirational baha'i writings.

Bahai Crafts
Looking for craft kits and craft books for bahai's? Visit out store.

Bahai Clothing and Gifts
Does your wear reflect that you are a baha'i? Check us out for sensual and daily wear clothing and gifts for baha'i believers

Jumbo Bahai Bookmarks (poems)
A beautiful poem written in english about The Bab, Baha'u'llah and Abdul Baha and what God must have been thinking when he created them.

Cool Scented Bahai Prayer Cards
Here you will find cool illustrations that accompany various bahai prayers that can be used for particular purposes.

Fundraising Mini Books
Miniature books for all ages on a variety of topics both fun and useful too. Great for fundraising.

Baha'i Wordsearch Book
This baha'i wordsearch book is based on the Hidden words of Baha'u'llah. Both the persian and the arabic have been transformed into a fun wordsearch puzzle.

Praying For You Gifts
Let someone know you are thinking of them with a praying for you gift.

Personalized Kitchen Labels
Show off your cooking with personalized kitchen labels and stickers.

Customizable Allergy Stickers
Not because your child is a baha'i means that he or she is excempt from having an allergy.

Bahai Kids Blog
A blog for bahai kids. They will love it. Enhance your child's creative talent through crafts, games and more.

Cute Therapeutic Fuzzy Slippers
These cute fuzzy bunny slippers are sure to keep your feet in a therapeutic mode from all the walking you may be doing pioneering and teaching the faith. They come with a massager that massages your feet.

Funny Reasons God Made Pets
Have a laugh with these funny reasons God made pets.

Special Concepts Blog
A Bahai blog that talks about product reviews and other topics.

Animated Gifts of People Praying
Find free animated gifts of people praying.

List of Twitter Bahai Users
Find a list of twitter users you can follow and connect with on twitter.

Bahai Message Cards

Cute Pencil Toppers For Bahai Children's Class

Sensual Bahai Gifts

Free Bahai Gifts
Find free gifts for bahai kids and everyone else.

Cool Bahai Games
Simple and cool bahai games can be found here.

My Bahai Closet
This is a collection of lenses put together by me.
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